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Stupid Disney Adults

Updated: Jan 6

Trolls. Assumptions. Ignorance. Resilience.

What is a Disney Adult? Social media channels are flooded with people sharing their love of Disney as someone older than 17. Behind the adult, there lies a passion for these happy and magical places, but why? Isn't this a place for kids?!

"Grow up. Disney is for kids."

Why, so much stupid

Disney love?

Many #disneyadults have an attachment because in some way, shape, or form this place has been a source of safety and happiness. The underlying reasoning or inner connection each of us shares may have a different root cause; past trauma, anxiety, simply a childhood place filled with very happy memories that draws us back and back again.

My connection with Disney started as a kid when I used the 90s films that I had committed to memory as a way too escape the violence in my home while hiding in the dark. I spent the first half of my childhood, until age 11, in an unstable home. Arguments between my mother and my father, were filled things being thrown by my father accompanied by immense amounts of yelling. He even my mother being thrown over a deck. I witnessed so much anger. I remember my mom saying that she was going to take me with her and as she was trying to leave the house my father pulled me from her arms. I was 5 then.

Three years later, my father and step-mother threw large bedside lamps, and goodness knows what else, at each others in addition to general violence such as pushing, hitting, holding each other down, and driving off from house late at night to who knows where. Not only was this a scary house to be in, it was also extremely embarrassing to walk tot he school bus stop because the parents of my schoolmates could hear everything. We were asked questions, made fun of, and given pitiful looks. By this age and had a few Disney movies committed to memory. When I saw the signs of a coming fight, I would lock myself in my room or bathroom then close my eyes and play the movie. With the scent of cigarette smoke and whiskey I can still feel the cool toilet and tub as my head leaned against the wall envisioning the purple background and golden smoke of the genie's lamp that marks the beginning of Aladdin.

Disney became a "safe place" for me if only in my mind. Yes, I definitely associate certain films like Aladdin with those scenes from my childhood, but I also remember the feeling of being distracted by a world where maybe Peter Pan might come to my window and I would fly far away from the real-life alcohol-induced fighting and anger. We never should judge why people do what they do. At least in cases like this. I know for a fact I am not the only person who has similar connections to film and music for very similar reasons.

I grew up thank you!

I did grow up and guess what? I have done so much healing on myself, Note I said "healing" not "healed" because I don't know if that ever truly happens. When I talk about him, I still get chocked up sometimes because I feel like I understand so much more about our lacking relationship. No matter how awful things were at times, I love him. No matter how many times I wondered why he didn't love me enough to try to reciprocate the many attempts I made at having a relationship with him, I still love him. He taught me how NOT to do so many things. My drive for his love and attention has made me a highly driven individual who naturally tries to encourage everyone to avoid being anything other than themselves. It is NEVER worth the sacrifice and ultimately we live a partial life because we are not living as the unique being we were made to be. *Gag* I know, but it's the truth! Also, clearly I have not "let go" of my love for Disney. There is still a part of me that feels those cozy/safe feels from Disney movies. What's even better is that now I get the joy of sharing cuddles with my kiddos while watching my favorite movies. These moments are some of my most cherished memories; my arms wrapped around a kid to each side of me with a blanket to keep us snuggled tight. It's my turn to keep someone safe and no Disney movie will do that for them because I learned valuable lessons from my father, rest-in-peace, on how to love my kiddos so they never wonder about my commitment to them or our family.

Free speech, ignored speech.

On another note: Trolls and haters comment statements to people like myself and almost every person I follow on social media who has a love of Disney. We receive all kinds of unsolicited and unwelcome commentary. Here’s the thing, each of us has a thing we really enjoy that does not affect, bother, or hurt anyone else. Why hate or throw shade at someone for what they like, for what brings them joy? If you are the person passing the judgement, then very likely you have something in your own life that needs some attention. We humans view the world through our singular perspectives so your lens on the world needs some adjusting so that you can feel stronger in yourself and no longer feel a need to pass judgment on how someone else chooses to spend their time or money. I love you, please consider how you are treating yourself. #selfcare!

Just keep swimming loves!

I hope you found something you can relate a little with. We may seem very different but so much of what we are possess similarities, even small ones, that each of us can connect with. No matter what you are doing, please stop right now. Take a deep breath, place your hand upon your heart, and say "I control this. I control me. I control how I respond to the world. I choose happiness over hate. I control me."

Cheers loves! Live a #brilliantboldandbeautifullyempoweredife

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