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September Wrap Up!

Updated: Jan 6

What happened and what's coming?


OH, EMM, GEE! I have so much to dish out with you but, I thought it would be better if I broke it out into smaller posts to really dig in on each topic. I am going to wrap up with you all the details I intend to share in later posts.

Starting my drive down to Orlando

I am often asked if I mind driving alone and I really don't. I love listening to #Audible and just enjoying the alone time.

Work Trip!

Yes, I had a work event on Wednesday. We were invited to enjoy Halloween Horror Nights via a RIP ( VIP) Tour! I had such a blast. IT WAS AHHH-MAZING! I like to take advantage of my presence there and see what has changed since I've last been in the park so it is a great opportunity to capture some media. I visit numerous resorts and spend as much time as I am able in the parks. Theme parks are a massive part of my business so knowing firsthand how things work is extremely important to me.

Where did I stay?

Universal’s Aventura Hotel

My first hotel stay was at Universal's Aventura Resort. I will share a post later. There were incredible views, really lovely food, and fun techy stuff. I have toured this resort but this was my first stay on this property. I will share both pros and cons because I never want to share anything that was not authentic with you. I transferred to a Walt Disney World Resort mid-week and completely fell head-over-heels in love with Coronado Springs' Gran Destino Tower! I am now completely in love with this resort. I have heard so much about these tower suites and it certainly did not let me down. In fact, it's now among my top recommended properties to stay at while in the Orlando area.

Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort - Gran Destino Tower

What did you do?

OMG. Well, this was primarily a trip for capturing media. I collect this to create and showcase sites and information for others. I'm working on informative content for my clients and if pictures say a thousand words, I believe video helps us live vicariously. I spent one afternoon at Volcano bay, then a day each at Islands of Adventure and Universal Studios. Universal does not allow people to capture video of the attractions so it's mostly showing what I can where ever I can. Disney is not as watchful, which is way more fun. I love when I can take people along or even suggest attractions and parks to others with videos. For example, this could illustrate far better than I ever could why someone may want to consider an EPCOT day.

I spent a day doing experiences at Universal that were SO GOOD! I started with an Unmasking Tour with was a behind-the-scenes experience of three or 6 houses. Sadly, this trip was planned very last minute and all of the 6-house tours were sold out. I was bummed when I purchased my ticket but after I completed my 3-house version of this tour, I was even more bummed! It was such fun seeing the level of creativity people have and what they come up with. I'm a nerd for theme parks. I enjoyed Cowfish, one of my favorite places to dine at City Walk, then this early riser rested for the late night ahead. We started our RIP (VIP) Tour for Halloween Horror Nights at 6:00 and I cannot imagine experiencing this event any other way! I cannot wait to share this detailed blog post!

I transferred to Walt Disney World to capture the fun and beautiful autumnal decor at Magic Kingdom. I spent the better part of the day at the park and finally checked into my resort at almost 1'o clock in the morning. Thankfully I can do online check-in and access my room with my magic band, phone, or watch so I can bypass the front desk entirely. I spent a half-day at the Magick Kingdom then hopped on the EPCOT Monorail bound for that beautiful Spaceship Earth. I enjoyed a couple of hours for myself before returning to my hotel, Coronado Springs. My next day was planned as a rest day before my drive home, which I found made all the difference.

Highlights I will post about!

This trip was filled with so many amazing views and last-minute "oh wow that worked out far better than I ever imagined" moments! I will share a post about each hotel stay as they each had their pros and cons. I am so excited to share my Halloween Horror Nights tours and this is probably the post I'm most excited to share. I will also include a post about VIP experiences, Treats and Seats for Disney fireworks, as well as a post about how I structure my solos days. Mine will look different from a traditional vacationer but, there are crucials that every park-goer should be planning that I feel would be beneficial knowledge.

I loved that I experienced my first ever rude, super rude, cast member. I've never, ever experienced this kind of service, which is what Disney is known for. Why am I so thankful? Well, Disney Cast Members being what they are, I was moved to a VIP location and it made all the difference! I'll share more in the VIP experiences post. It was really a moment of "this is working for you but you don't know it yet."

Non-Travel Posts to come.

I am working on posts about boundaries as I feel we need more of them in very specific circumstances. Why the parks are super overrated? A nostalgic Harry Potter tutorial. How work-life balance and consistency are a dream and not a complete reality so we need to give ourselves a break. And so much more! I hope to be your source of motivation and inspiration to live a life that is on YOUR terms. I hope to lead by example. I hope also to share with you my love of Disney and Universal theme parks with tips and help you. In the future, I hope to inspire you to travel beyond your borders and live an empowered life through travel.

I cannot wait to share all of the fun with you and share the details I hope will help everyone experience life a little better. Know that I am always fingers-crossed that you're living your most brilliant, bold, and beautifully empowered life!


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