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Thank You!

Updated: Jan 6

My sincerest wishes, may you receive all the best this holiday season!

#thankful #grateful

We may not talk all the time. We may not even see each other's posts every week. We may not communicate frequently to any extent. But I would very much like to extend my gratitude to you.

Thanks for sharing space with me!

No matter how often or infrequently we may communicate with one another on social media platforms or on this website, I would like to extend my sincere gratitude for even being open to sharing a space with me on social media. There are so many people that we can engage with, and share time with. Our time is our most valuable resource. I appreciate wholeheartedly that you are even open to sharing time and space with me. I hope that the information I share on social media truly connects with you and with everybody who is present to any extent on social media with me. I want my content to be a place of positivity and inspiration while being relatable if possible. I hope to inspire people to live a life for them. I know life is not always happy, but I hope to be a place that inspires you to travel in a way that makes them happy, dress in a way that makes you feel bold and beautiful, and continue to find more ways to live empowered.

My sincere best to you!

We may not be the best of friends. We may be old friends who've lost touch. We may be mere acquaintances through social media and that's the limit of our connection. Regardless of our level of connectivity, please know that I am someone who would meet you in person and want to cheerlead you. I don't see Thanksgiving as the "historic" holiday as marked on a calendar. I see Thanksgiving as a time of connecting, and a time for being grateful for the things we don't think about throughout the rest of the year. I hope this year you will find extra reasons to be grateful, extra excuses to be giving and kind, and extra patience for those around you who do not have the kindness to share. That last one is difficult! I hope this year I can extend to those who are not kind, my kindness in the hopes that it may shift their mentality. My fingers are crossed, but I would rather be a place of positivity and kindness for my own mental well-being than emotionally be brought down to the level of others. I wish the same for you friend.

Thank you again so much for being in this space and for even a little bit of your day with me. I wish you all the warmest of holiday seasons, and I sincerely hope that you cherish the moments you have, and create some truly beautiful memories that you will remember for the rest of your life.

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