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What is a Motivational Pinup?

Updated: Jan 6

Does that handle or name sound completely bonkers? I get it. In the pinup world, a lot of dolls (one of many vintage terms for a woman) have fun names similar to those found on social media. Some of these relate to their profession. For some, it's a fun twist on history. For others, it's a glimpse of what that particular person is about. I love motivational content, I am easily motivated, and I love to help others.

I especially love to help others find their version of living a brilliant, bold, beautifully empowered life.

I did not just google or look around for some cutesy way to create a moto for IG. Nope, these words were selected as the ways I wanted to define myself and my life. In 2014, I separated from my ex-husband and began my journey of healing from an abusive marriage. I remember listening to the radio one morning right after the start of the new year (2015) when the DJ was asking people what their defining word for the year would be. First, I did not know this was a thing. I started asking myself questions. Who do I want to be? What do I want to see for myself? How do I want to define my life? I knew I no longer wished to be seen as " a shell of my old self", something I had been told for several years. "Oh, you used to be so cheerful, gregarious, motivated. What happened?!"

I chose to focus on the elements of myself I missed and the ones I wished to improve upon!

I wanted to feel brilliant, bold, beautiful and empowered.

I wanted to improve my knowledge and skills and I wanted to radiate from within; Brilliant. I wanted to feel less afraid, not fearless because that is almost impossible. I wanted to feel more sure in myself; Bold. Yes, I wanted to look beautiful and to deny that I feel this way is a lie. It was more important to me to feel beautiful from within by being kinder to myself and to others. I wanted to be kinder to my body via nutrition, exercise, but more importantly, with my words. I wanted to be a beautiful person. I wanted to empower myself to seek this life every, single day!

I had this tattooed on the inner space of my forearm in 2020.

By no means am I a perfect living example of these words, but I strive to be a little better every day. Every decision I make that embodies this breaths new light on the free-feeling version of myself. Every time I put on clothes that make me light up inside; every time I remind myself that I do not live for others' opinions; every time I accept myself for all the curves, stretch marks, and scares; every moment that I walk as me and only me with my head held high, the more I live that brilliant, bold, beautifully empowered version of myself.

I will continue to strive for this for myself! I know how amazing it feels when I do and because of this, I hope to live as one example and thereby inspire others to do the same!

Cheers to you beautiful dolls of every walk and self-identifying way of life.

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